smartphone-collectionWe repair:

  • Apple iPhones (all models)
  • Apple iPads (all models)
  • Apple iPods (all models)
  • HTC Smartphones (all models)
  • LG Smartphones (most models)
  • Google Nexus Smartphones
  • Samsung Smartphones (most models)
  • Motorola Smartphones (most models)
  • Laptop Computers (most models)

At Total Repairs, we specialise in repairing all popular smartphones including Apple, HTC, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Google and Samsung. We also specialise in repairing broken laptop screens, tables and MP3 players.  Our technicians are highly experienced in the area of electronics, and also recognise the importance of providing great customer service – so great in fact that you will want to deal with us time and time again and refer us to your friends and family.

We not only offer you solutions, we have your best interests in mind and like to offer our customers valuable advice in relation to your electronic devices. We are not just in the business to pay the bills – we are in it because it’s our passion!

We also have a minimum fee of just $30, meaning if we cannot repair or fix your problem, you will only be charged a maximum of $30. We are a legitimate business – not a hobbyist, so we can provide you with a tax invoice if required, a six month warranty on all parts and labour, plus 14 day payment terms for approved businesses and schools.

We use original and high quality parts, and are the recommended repairer for many mobile phone stores, electronics suppliers, as well as the preferred repairer for a number of schools and businesses around Tasmania. We value our reputation and therefore will only ever give honest advice or opinions. If you find yourself unhappy with the service you have received from Total Repairs, please let us know and we will do our best to rectify any issues.

And if you don’t live nearby, or can’t get out of the office to visit us, you can always post your electronic device to us for repairs. As a guide, return freight is around $10 for most phones and MP3 players, and delivery is generally next day.