Q. Should I backup my phone before I bring it to you?
A. Yes. In most cases your data will not be affected, however it is best to be on the safe side and ensure it is backed up on your own computer.


Q. Will I get my actual device back, or another refurbished one instead?
A. You will always receive your original item back – minus any damaged components that have been replaced of course.


Q. I have tried to fix my device myself and encountered a DIY disaster – or another repairer has caused additional issues… Can you still fix it for me?
A. Total Repairs will happily look at any item.


Q. How long will you take to repair my item?
A. Generally repairs are completed within 24 hours. depending on the fault, we can also offer a ‘while you wait’ service. Other repairs may also take longer than 24 hours depending on the availability of parts – but which ever way, we will advise of the approximate collection time when you initially drop the item off.


Q. Do I need to bring in my charger?
A. In most cases – no. However please check for laptop repairs.


Q. Can I collect my repair after normal business hours?
A. Yes – but strictly by appointment only.


Q. Can I post in my repair?

A. Yes – post to 50 Waverley Street BELLERIVE 7018 – and please make sure you include your contact details, any pin code or password for the device, and ensure it is suitably protected using cardboard and bubble wrap. When your item is repaired, we can arrange payment over the phone and return freight.


Q. How can I pay for my repair?
A. Cash or eftpos facilities are available.